XVIIth UCLouvain Review Course on Systemic Rheumatic Diseases


December 2nd, 2023
Auditoire Central Maisin, UCLouvain, 1200 Bruxelles

Hereby, I invite you, with my team, to the XVIIth UCLouvain Review Course on Systemic Rheumatic Diseases. Great topics, close to our clinical practice. Excellent international speakers. Short but cutting-edge symposium. I hope it meets your expectations.
Frédéric A. Houssiau


08:30 Coffee

08:55 Welcome words

09:00 VEXA: a new syndrome linking Haematology and rheumatology – Sinica Savic – Leeds

09:40 What’s new in Sjögren’s syndrome – Hendrika Bootsma – Groeningen

10:10 Complement inhibition in vasculitides – Onno Teng – Leiden

10:40 Pause

11:00 Tricky cases – Farah Tamirou – Louvain

11:30 How to place the new lupus drugs in our daily practice ?- Ed Vital – Leeds

12:10 Management of pregnancy in systemic rheumatic diseases : my ten top tips -Etomi Oseme- London

12:50 Closure/Sandwiches

Frédéric A. Houssiau
Rheumatology Department
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