Fund for Scientific Research in Rheumatology (FWRO-FRSR)

The aim of our research fund, is to help people with rheumatic diseases (children, adults and the elderly) by contributing to the creation of new treatments.

To date, more than 140 rheumatologists and paramedics have obtained financial assistance to fund their projects!

Every year, the fund launches a call for projects via the King Baudouin Foundation.
This call is open to researchers working for Belgian university or non-university centres.
A budget between 125 000 and 150 000 euros is allocated to :

  • Clinical projects that cannot be supported by other funding programmes and whose results in terms of diagnosis, treatment or quality of care are clearly defined
  • As a start-up capital in a preliminary phase for translational or fundamental research projects with a view to obtaining more traditional funding opportunities at a later stage
  • To finance social projects based on collaboration between medical and non-medical partners, such as patient associations

All decisions are taken on the basis of a common will and guided by the expertise of all its members: rheumatologists, health professionals, researchers and patients. The diversity and complementarity of its members enable the Board to make informed and considered decisions.

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