JAKi group revision : Changes in reimbursement criteria

We hereby want to inform you on the outcomes and changes in reimbursement criteria regarding the recently concluded JAKi group revision by the Medicines Reimbursement Committee on the request of the Minister of Health and Social Affairs. Please note that our society KBVR-SRBR was not involved or consulted with regards to this decision. 

This information concerns the reimbursement conditions of the JAK-inhibitor class in the light of the PRAC/EMA safety recommendations – that were published back in October 2022 – and the significant increase in number of prescriptions, and thus reimbursement of this class of medication over the last years resulting in a high NIHDI cost.

Therefore, the National Reimbursement Committee CTG/CRM has decided on a final advice towards the Minister on a harmonization across all rheumatologists, dermatologists and gastroenterologists’ indications and currently commercialized JAKi treatments by

  1. Positioning all JAKi treatments after prior optimal treatment with at least one anti-TNF, for at least 3 months unless documented intolerance or contra-indication in all currently reimbursed indications in rheumatology
  2. Including a safety warning in all reimbursement paragraphs of all currently reimbursed indications

The above-mentioned changes in reimbursement modalities will only have an effect on the newly treated patients and not on the patients that are already on JAKi treatment.

The changes to the reimbursement criteria following the JAKi group review were published in the “Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur belge” on June, 20th ( full text available HERE).

Date of publication: 20/06/2024
Date of implementation: 01/07/2024 

Kind regards,

Dr Jan Lenaerts
President KBVR-SRBR.