Pediatric Rheumatology

The Belgian Pediatric Rheumatology Working Group is dedicated to advancing the care, understanding, and awareness of pediatric rheumatic diseases across Belgium. 

Group Leaders

Prof. Valérie Badot
Dr. Charlotte Baert

Group Mission

Our mission is multi-faceted:

1. **Clinical Excellence**: We strive to enhance the quality of care provided to children and adolescents affected by rheumatic diseases by promoting excellence in clinical practice. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we aim to optimize diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of these conditions. To do so we regularly meet to discuss complicated clinical cases, difficult clinical situations or topical issues, with a view to standardising therapeutic or diagnostic attitudes.

2. **Research and Innovation**: We are committed to fostering research initiatives that expand our understanding of pediatric rheumatic diseases. By supporting innovative research projects and facilitating collaboration among researchers, clinicians, and patients, we aim to drive progress in the field and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We also make it our duty to learn about new technologies, analyses and other diagnostic tools available in certain centres of reference.

3. **Education and Training**: We recognize the importance of education in ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage pediatric rheumatic conditions. We provide educational opportunities, resources, and support for healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers, with the goal of promoting excellence in pediatric rheumatology care.


4. **Collaboration and Networking**: We believe in the power of collaboration and networking to drive positive change.

Through our collective efforts, we aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and adolescents affected by rheumatic diseases, ultimately striving for a future where all patients have access to timely, effective, and compassionate care.