Young Rheumatologists

Our group of Young Rheumatologists’ ambition is to facilitate networking, communication, events and education among rheumatologists below 40 and rheumatologists in training


Group Leaders

  • Dr. Charlotte Baert
  • Dr. Gaëlle Varkas

Group Mission

The mission of the Young Rheumatologists Working Group is to foster a dynamic community that promotes collaboration, communication, and professional development among rheumatologists under the age of 40 and those in training.

We aspire to unite rheumatologists from different universities, parts of Belgium regardless of the language.

Our aim is to create a supportive environment that facilitates networking opportunities, meaningful exchanges of knowledge, and the sharing of best practices within the field of rheumatology.

Through organized events, educational, hands-on initiatives, we hope to empower young rheumatologists to excel in their careers, enhance their clinical skills, and contribute to advancements in rheumatological research and patient care.

As the next generation of rheumatologist, it is also important our voice be heard among our pears and the different governmental institutions.