Bone & Fracture

The “Bone and Fracture Working Group” is committed to advancing education, training, and research in the field of bone health, common and rare bone diseases with a particular focus on osteoporosis and fracture prevention.
All with the final objective of optimizing patient outcomes and quality of life.

Group leaders

  • Prof Rik Lories 
  • Prof. Olivier Malaise

Group Mission

Our mission is to enhance clinical care, prevention, and management of both common and rare bon diseases, with a particular focus on osteoporosis and fracture prevention. 
We strive to provide education and training opportunities for rheumatologists and other healthcare professionals, to improve the management of bone diseases. 
We aim to support both clinical and preclinical research, preferably through collaboration between centers and specialties. Additionally, we are dedicated to offer young rheumatologists a specialized training programme. We recognize the importance of hands-on training in bone densitometry and seek to facilitate access to certification in radioprotection for healthcare professionals. 
Ultimately, our goal is to optimize patient outcomes and quality of life by promoting excellence in clinical care, education, and research in Belgium within the realm of bone health.

Key events

  • Yearly Bone & Fracture Symposium with a revisited format (more information to follow)
  • DEXA Radioprotection Course